Switch Fuel Supplier

Switch Fuel Supplier

Receive A New Boiler +5yrs Parts & Labour + 5yrs Servicing + LED Lights

Switch Fuel Supplier And Receive A  New Boiler

AmerHandyman is an Amerden Group initiative, spcialistd in energy management that supply and implement free energy saving solutions throughout homes and businesses to help reduce energy consumption and improve their carbon footprint.


Amerden Group has partnered with SEMs, a not for profit organization to offer homeowners free energy savings solutions for switching their gas and electric contracts to the CIC umbrella.


Around 4 million UK households are in fuel poverty with the expectation that this will increase even further. The cost of energy along with low household incomes and low energy efficient properties are contributing factors towards this.


Our aim is to reduce energy expenditure and the carbon footprint of UK homeowners’. By fixing customers into a 5 year Gas and electric contract, protecting them from price increases for the term. Thus, reducing the energy consumption with the installation of a new boiler and LEDlightbulbs.

Switch Your Energy Supplier & Receive

An A’ rated Boiler
5 years Parts and Labour Warranty

5 years Servicing of the boiler
LED replacements of existing light bulbs 

To Qualify For This Amazing Deal

You Must Be Responsible For Paying The Bill

Have A Combined Gas And Electric Consumption Of

No Less Than 12,000 Kwh Per Annum. 

Savings Guide:

Lowest Tariff

Average Tariff

Current 1yr Fixed

SEMs Tariff

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Contact us today 0203 916 0297 to see if your eligible to receive an 'A' rated boiler to reduce your energy bills.


Find out more about the Initiative available to you and find out just how much you can save.

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FREE 5 Year Warranty

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FREE A Rated Boiler

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FREE LED Light Bulbs

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FREE 5 Year Servicing Of Boiler

All our installer partners are certified and accredited within their fields of expertise including accreditations by: