Why Solar Panels

Lowers your carbon footprint and increases your home energy efficiency


A solar power installation significantly lowers the amount of carbon emissions your home produces shrinking the size of your carbon footprint. Carbon emissions are the single largest contributor to climate change and global warming and by installing solar PV you are making a significant dent in the climate change war. Solar panels do not produce any pollutants and offers one of the cleanest, most efficient ways to produce renewable energy for your home, helping to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as saving you money.


Save money on your bills


You will save money straight away on your electricity bill and your savings are likely to increase as time goes on as standard electricity prices keep going up.


Increase your home’s value


Installing solar panels is likely to increase the probability of your property being bought as more and more people wish to live more environmentally responsible lives.


The Energy Saving Trust’s 2009 survey demonstrated that 35% of people would be willing to pay more for a home where some of its energy came from renewable sources. With thousands of people, throughout the UK, already trying to reduce their energy bills, the added benefit of reduced electricity bills will certainly place your property in better standing than one without solar panels.


How it works


Using free energy from the sun to produce electricity, Solar PV Panels produce their energy from daylight, rather than solar radiation, meaning energy is produced even on cloudy days. Solar PV provides one of the easiest and most reliable ways to protect yourself against rising energy costs whilst reducing CO2 emissions. Other benefits include:


  • Produce zero-carbon energy by using natural unlimited resources

  • Reducing dependency on commercial electricity providers by generating your own electricity

  • Reducing energy bills and minimising the impact of rising energy costs

  • Saving over 1 tonne of CO2 per year (typical 2.8kW system)

  • Investment in a highly reliable system with a typical lifetime of over 30 years

  • Adding value to your property and adding to your green credentials

  • Little or no maintenance – PV systems are noiseless and have no moving parts


To get the most out of the electricity that your panels produce, it’s best to use appliances like dishwashers and washing machines during the day to take advantage of the free electricity generated.


Is my home suitable?


The orientation of the system is important to ensure as much sunlight as possible is captured. The optimum positioning for a Solar PV System is on a south facing roof at a slope of 35° from horizontal. Other factors to consider are:


  • Roof orientation

  • Geographic Location (southern properties get more irradiation than northern ones)

  • Have a sufficient area of un-shaded roof

  • Have no obstructions on the roof (eg. dormer/Velux windows, chimneys)

  • Have roofing felt (a black, waterproof barrier visible from your loft space) underneath your roof tiles


How to get Solar PV


Solar PV Panels are available through three methods:


Free Solar PV Panels for qualifying properties

Investment in your own system by purchasing from Amerden Environmental

Investment via the Green Deal Initiative (where the cost of the system is funded through the savings in your energy bill)



Why Solar Panels?

The benefits of Solar PV

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